QualityMADARA Values

MADARA strives for the highest quality in everything.

Our employees are all experts and professionals in their field.

The ingredients in our cosmetics come from certified organic farms and approved suppliers. All stages of processing comply with international standards for natural cosmetics.

MADARA posits effectiveness as one of the synonyms for quality.

MADARA is the embodiment of natural cosmetics from plant extracts. At the cell level, plants and humans are related. Hence, natural cosmetics are especially effective as they speak the same language as your skin and each of your cells do.

The quality of MADARA is reflected in every step it makes towards you: to us the effectiveness of our cosmetics is as important as careful packaging, appearance, convenient usage and the way it speaks to you in any MADARA store all over the world... We maintain the highest quality in all stages of our work, because we want you to always get the best from us. The quality standard of MADARA is YOU.

Nature and safety                  

MADARA natural cosmetics extend way beyond mere beauty and effectiveness. For MADARA natural means safe. 

With MADARA cosmetics you can be sure that only safe and certified ingredients are used. MADARA is entirely natural and ecological cosmetics certified in accordance to the international ECOCERT standard.

You can be sure that our cosmetics are not tested on animals. Our cosmetics are examined by certified dermatologists and volunteers who care about safety just as much as you do.

You can be sure that all the substances and methods used in MADARA’s production unit are environmentally friendly. We even clean our production units and office with an ecological MADARA cleaning agent.

At MADARA we believe that whenever natural products touch your skin more than just safety is provided. They provide a safer future. When producing MADARA natural cosmetics, we make the world a more beautiful, cleaner and safer place not only for ourselves, but also for our children.

A natural approach and safety constitute a guarantee for the future provided by MADARA.

Latvian identity

MADARA products come from Latvia – one of the three Baltic countries by the Baltic Sea.

60% of Latvia is still covered by forests and there are a lot of natural meadows filled with the primeval force and life of nature. Over the centuries with its severe winters, long autumns, late springs and short summers, the unsettled and harsh Baltic climate has generated a unique spread of plants.

Baltic plants have adapted to survive in harsh circumstances and take a sip of the sun, whenever it appears. During the short Northern summers plants concentrate all of their energy on the short blossoming period, thus accumulating a unique amount of active substances, which is why the extracts from Baltic plants that form the foundation of MADARA cosmetics are especially powerful and effective. This is why MADARA can create cosmetics that have no equals.

Latvia is a country where a special connection with nature comes from the cradle. Ancient knowledge about using natural substances in medicine, beauty treatment and the household is passed from generation to generation. MADARA has gathered specialists in all fields able to combine this ancient knowledge with the skills, information and technologies of the 21st century. The more deeply and better we understand nature, the more wisely we can take from it.

Each MADARA product is a short story about Latvia. And we’re happy that the world listens to and understands MADARA’s stories. 


Every day we work to understand you a little better. To understand what you need, what you dream of, what helps you to be you – the unique and special person that makes this world a better and more beautiful place, wherever you are. You are the centre of MADARA’s world.                    

It doesn’t matter, whether you always choose MADARA products. What matters is that you know MADARA is always besides you, offering not only natural cosmetics but also advice, understanding and simply the sense of presence.

It’s good to have someone who understands how important nature, safety, effectiveness and beauty are to you. MADARA is with you.

A smile, an extended hand, the smell of freshly cut grass… MADARA is like a language we don't need words for. And that's beautiful.


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